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Real Estate Development

Grupo GEA 21 has a portfolio made up of quality assets located in prime areas with a base of prestigious occupants.

Grupo GEA 21’s focus on ownership involves total management of projects, exemplary shareholders and a big professional team.

Our main activity involves renting, developing, commercialising and managing office buildings, shopping malls and car parks.

Some of the company’s noteworthy clients include the Andalusian government department for Innovation, Science and Business (Consejería de Innovación Ciencia y Empresa), the National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), the Andalusian Entrepreneurial Network Foundation (Fundación Red de Andalucía Emprende), Grupo Ezentis, Telefónica, Vodafone and Silicio Energía.

GEA 21 Inmobiliaria’s business parks and offices are committed to maintaining a balance between functionality, sustainability and areas integrated into pleasant surroundings that are well connected and have services.

GRUPOGEA21 cifras de negocio inmobiliaria 2009