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Major real estate development

Real estate development


Desarrollo Urbanístico de Aznalcázar, S.A. (Aznalcázar Urban Development)

Villas de Castilblanco Golf, S.L.

Golf complex and family homes

A project in a natural setting surrounding the García Sola reservoir, this big tourist, leisure and health complex within the municipal area of Casrtilblanco is located among the mountains and lakes of the Cijara and García Sola environs.The area covers 120 hectares, of which 70 are destined for an 18-hole the golf course and the rest for housing, a sports centre and a 4 star Spa Hotel.

Inversiones Gemove, S.L.

Corporate assets

This company’s head office is in Seville. It is dedicated to managing real estate assets, total management, rents and investments, as well as market studies for future business.The company has a permanent pool of investors and clients.

t administers the Rubén Dario I and II buildings, the Los Arcos shopping mall building and the Nuevo Torneo Puerta de Indias office building.

  • C/ Acústica Nº 24, 1ª planta
  • 41015 - Sevilla
  • Teléfono: 954 45 53 17
  • Fax: 954 45 53 36
  • Web: http://www.gemove.com/

Polingea, S.L


Located in Seville, it manages and runs industrial and commercial land. It currently has 21 hectares of land in the Seville airport estate.

  • C/ Acústica Nº 24, 1ª planta
  • 41015 - Sevilla
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14

Desarrollo Urbanístico Aeropuerto, S.L.


Today it has 420,000 m2 of land in Seville facing the airport for management, urban development and exploitation of urban land.

  • Edificio Puerta de Indias
  • C/ Acústica Nº 24, 2ª planta
  • 41015 - Sevilla
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14

Ditema Maroc, S.A.

Development company for industrial and residential development in Morocco.

This company will develop a logistics, industrial, technological and residential park on Moroccan soil in Settat (Morocco).The park will be developed on 3,883,366 square metres.

  • c/ Acera del Darro, nº 1 1-1
  • Edificio Zaida
  • 18005-Granada
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14
  • Web: http://www.ditema.com/

Gea Internacional Development, S.R.L.

Development company in Romania

This company concentrates on developing a residential complex that will include over 500 high quality homes, shopping areas, sports fields, areas for leisure and walking of over 430 metres in Lago Tei. The project has an area of over 53,000 square metres in Bucharest (Romania).