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Industrial Services

A line of activity that includes the participations on leader companies on the industrial market, which have shown growth capacity and value engineering. The investment of the society has been focused on Spanish companies with international presence and all of them have stability, return and a great growth potential.

We invest on plans which produce the main raw materials we consume like: bitumen, cement, geotextile, crossties, energy and pre-fabricated for building.

They are placed on vanguard on I+D+I and it is between the industrial companies with the capacity to apply the most advanced and innovative techniques, adding selectively the most adequate technologies on each occasion.

One of the activities we develop through our subsidiary Gea 21 is the engineering and conception of industrial projects, specially on projects “Key on Hand – EPC”.

  • - Industrial Plants
  • - Energies
  • - Solids Movement.
GRUPOGEA21 cifras de negocio industrial 2009