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Environmental R&D;&I;

This strategic division provides control engineering services and recycling of materials.

Grupo GEA 21 has been committed from the outset to this line of business with great potential for development. It has its own control bodies and policies certified according to UNE 17025. It creates patents for different projects that are being researched, taking into account the environmental advantages of the developments arising from its involvement in R & D.

We have subsidiaries dedicated to Quality Control, PET, and road surface recyclers, and we form part of foundations dedicated to the environment, quality, and R & D, such as Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (Andalusian Technology Corportation), Asociación de Laboratorios Acreditados de Andalucía (Andalusian Association of Registered Laboratories) or the Centro de Innovación Andaluz para la sostenibilidad en la Construcción (Andalusian Sustainability Research Centre) (CIAC).

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