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Centro de Investigación de Carreteras de Andalucía, S.A.

Control and Quality Engineering

Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía

Foundation for collaboration with the scientific and production sphere

This is a private foundation promoted by the Andalusian government department for Innovation, Science and Business (Consejería de Innovación Ciencia y Empresa) to boost cooperation between the scientific and production spheres in response to Andalusian society’s innovation and development needs.

It includes researchers from universities and research centres, innovative companies, financial bodies and the public administration, forming an alliance for innovation, research and development.

It aims to be the main promoter of R & D projects in Andalusia and a point of reference in innovation and the transfer of technology on a national level.

It is a catalyst for opportunities, an efficient intermediary between technological supply and demand with the operational capacity to boost and finance R & D projects that result in new products, processes and services that increase productivity and competitiveness.

Fundación Centro de Innovación Andaluz de la Construcción


This recently created Andalusian Innovation Construction Centre is located in Córdoba.It is dedicated to research into all kinds of construction materials, securing innovations, optimisations and improvements in the technology for processes and techniques in construction.

  • Historiador Díaz del Moral, 8
  • 4001 - Córdoba
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14
  • Contacto: jfigueroa@gea21.es