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Gea 21, S.A. began in mid-1995 in Seville as a regional construction company whose aim was to manage and represent the interests of its 11 equal partners, all of whom were Andalusian construction companies. It began with the aim of creating a company capable of competing on equal terms with the country's main constructors.
At that stage, there were two goals: on the one hand, to move beyond the field of the Andalusian region as a construction company, and on the other to participate in managing the main raw materials that the company itself and its shareholders consume so much
In order to expand and diversify, the company got involved in creating new businesses within and outside the field of civil engineering works.
The company was at the head of a series of companies specialising in the construction industry and civil works in the Andalusian region. At that stage, diversification was considered and we made a commitment to participation in Concessions and Services, Industry, Transport and a large share of R & D. During this period, the business turnover grew by 22 % due to the high number of tenders from official bodies in big works such as: the Seville underground train, the Pamplona bus station and the Santa Mar?a port bridge. There was also the link between the A-491 and N-IV roads.
GEA 21 S.A.'s partners provided their shares to create Grupo Gea 21, S.L. This is a Holding Company that represented the first step in the organisational restructuring process carried out in order to achieve better management of the group's different business sections: Construction, Concessions and Services, Transport, Industry, Quality and the Environment, and Real Estate Development.
Over 50 companies currently participate in the group, in six lines of business. The companies that began to give shape to the firm were: Andaluza de Ligantes Bituminosos y Betunes, S.A., Geotexan, S.A., Centro de Investigaci?n de Carreteras de Andaluc?a, S.A., Asfalt?cnica Tecnolog?a de Firmes, S.A., Andaluza de Traviesas, S.A.,Cementos Antequera, S.A. and Inversiones Gemove, S.A.