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Major concessions companies


Metro de Sevilla, S.A.

Interurban underground transport.

Centro Comercial El Brillante, S.A.

High Performance Facilities and Shopping Mall in Córdoba.

Concessionary Company: El Brillante, S.A.

Stake: 33%

Amount invested: € 38 million

Period of the concession: 40 years.

State: Construction

The entire complex in Block M-A (Industrial Estate 1.PP.MA-1) in Córdoba includes:

-An area of indoor swimming pools (of different kinds: multi-use, learners, babies leisure, children), spa, fitness and cardiovascular areas and group activities, and seven paddle tennis courts.

-Area for the municipal sports institute with technical basin, boxing centre, medical sports centre and the corresponding auxiliary facilities.

-Buildings of tertiary use, including:

  • A building with hostelry establishments on the ground floor and offices on the first floor.
  • Building for a hotel of at least three stars and a hundred rooms.

This work consists of building a basement car park, shops, leisure establishments and offices, as well as the sports complex that includes pools, changing rooms, basements, gymnasium, boxing, technical establishments and paddle tennis courts.

The urban development project also involves open air landscaping, the building of paths/roads with all the services (water, sprinkling, sanitation, lighting, other conduits and signposting), and the construction of a hotel building.

  • C/Historiador Díaz del Moral, 8
  • 14008 Córdoba
  • Teléfono: 95 429 66 09
  • Fax: 95 429 66 14

Villas de Castilblanco Golf, S.L.

Resort and Golf.

Concessionary Company: Castilblanco Golf, S.L.

Stake: 50%

Amount invested: € 41 million

Period of the concession: 35 years.

State: Construction

A project in a natural setting surrounding the García Sola reservoir, this big tourist, leisure and health complex within the municipal area of Casrtilblanco is located among the mountains and lakes of the Cijara and García Sola environs. The area covers 120 hectares, of which 70 are destined for 18-hole the golf course and the rest for housing, a sports centre and a 4 star Spa Hotel.

Hunting and fishing:In the environs of Cijara and García Sola we can find one of the best hunting areas in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. The Cíjara Regional Hunting Reservation covers 22,000 hectares where one can hunt big game in all its categories as well as smaller game.

all its categories as well as smaller game.As for aquatic activities, we can fish or sail on the Cíjara and García Sola reservoirs.

Nature Tourism:With a significant trekking network, including the Guadalupe Pilgrims’ Way, we can enjoy routes on foot, on horseback, on mountain bikes, quad bikes, etc. One can have a ride in a motorboat to relax, to gaze at the vultures’ nesting areas from the reservoir. Or one can rest in the Valdefernando spa 15 kilometres from the complex. Or else one can choose from the range of open-air activities: the park provides horse rides, rock climbing, archery and paint ball..

Cultural and Culinary Tourism:Tanto en Castilblanco como en sus alrededores, contamos con un rico y variado Patrimonio Cultural y Festivo, que podremos disfrutar durante todo el ańo. Destacamos la cercanía a lugares declarados patrimonio de la Humanidad: Guadalupe (35Km.), Trujillo (95 Km.), Mérida (135Km.) y Cáceres (140Km.). La GastronomÍa de la zona conjuga los productos naturales de la tierra y las tradiciones con la nueva cocina. Lo más destacado es el cordero, la miel, aceite de oliva, mermeladas, vinos y una gran variedad de dulces artesanales.

All of this exists in the marvellous setting that nature provides us with and the aim is to be an example of sustainable development in the Extremadura rural environment so as to provide a “unique, quality” destination.

Parking de Badajoz

Underground car park.

Concessionary Company: Ute (joint venture) Gea 21, S.A.-AGG Occidental, S.A.

Stake: 50%

Amount invested: € 4 million:

Period of the concession: 40 years.

State: Development

Construction, conservation and the subsequent running of an underground car park, and the adaptation of the APD-4 Plaza (C/ Prim street) within the Badajoz Urban Regulation Plan.

  • C/ Acústica Nº 24, 2ª Planta
  • 41015 - Sevilla
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14

Marina Ciudad de Málaga, S.A.

Málaga’s marina (“Puerto Deportivo”)

Concessionary Company: Gea 21, S.A.-Marinas del Mediterráneo

Stake: 50%

Amount invested: € 24.2 million.

Period of the concession: 35 years.

State: Development

New marina in the capital of Malaga province. Construction and exploitation of the San Andrés wharf at the mouth of the Guadalmedina River



Units: 662

  • 502 moorings for boat lengths of 30 m
  • 160 craft in dry dock


  • Total area of operations: 10.000 m2
  • Workshops: 5,000 m2

Dry dock:

  • Nautical complex of 2,000 m2
  • Sailing school 200 m2
  • Harbourmaster’s offices and services 200 m2
  • Shops 3,000 m2 (pending approval of the Special Plan for the Malaga Port General System)


  • Boat fuel
  • Water
  • Electricity

Other services:

  • Wi-Fi, cash point, webcam, television, skippers, broker, technical office, documentation, fire-fighting, etc.
  • Torre de Control, Puerto Deportivo
  • 29680 - Estepona (Málaga)
  • Teléfono: 954 29 66 09
  • Fax: 954 29 66 14

Teleférico de Sierra Nevada, S.A.

Cable Car. Granada – Sierra Nevada

Concessionary Company: Cable Car. Granada – Sierra Nevada

Stake: 5%

Amount invested: € 150 million

Period of the concession: 40 years.

State: Development

Project to build the longest cable car in the world of over 18 kilometres, connecting the city of Granada with the Sierra Nevada ski station.This can transport 3,000 people/hour in a total journey of 40 minutes.Cable car speed:six metres/second with a capacity per car of 30 people.The maximum height reached by the hundred cars is 105 metres, and the journey goes from a land height in Granada of 600 metres to a height of 2,140 m at Pedrollano, the last stop for the cars.

  • Avenida de Andalucía s/n.
  • Edificio UCOP, Oficina nº 7, PG P-30
  • 18015 Granada
  • Teléfono : 958 80 42 22
  • Fax : 958 80 42 23