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"Commitment, quality and innovation are the pillars for our development"

GEA21 was founded in 1995 in Seville and was created by a group of shareholders, all of whom are Andalusian construction companies.

The current shareholders in GEA21 are Nila Constructions, Fircosa, Lopez Porras Constructions, Mipelsa, Morales Paving, Jicar, Pamasa, Vera Constructions, Martin Casillas, Bahia San Kristobal and Rafael Morales.

GEA21 carries out construction activities in all fields of civil works and buildings. Worthy of note within the civil works is the laying of railway: high speed lines, duplications, modernisations and line renovations; metro and tram lines; as well as the building of motorways, roads and tunnels; and hydraulic and industrial works.

In geographical terms, there has been important expansion throughout the Spanish mainland which has lead to a permanent presence in Galicia, Catalonia, Valencia, Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Extremadura and, of course, Andalusia, where our central headquarters are based.

The firm support of innovation and development, as a cornerstone of GEA21, makes improved productivity and competitiveness possible. This, alongside commitment and quality, produces an increase in value for shareholders, staff, clients and the community, thus contributing to sustainable economic growth and social wellbeing.

At the current time, GEA21 has decided to cross the Spanish border to establish itself in countries such as Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria and it is continually carrying out one-off actions in Northern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Central and South America.

Our evolution up to this point and the development which will doubtlessly continue to occur would not be possible without the best staff and technical team. They have taken on the project as their own and are capable of spreading their enthusiasm to those who join the team.

Jose Maria Viana Ranilla.
GEA 21 S.A.